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U.S. Army in the Cold War Series

  1. CMH Pub 45-1 Building for Peace: U.S. Army Engineers in Europe, 1945-1991
  2. CMH Pub 45-2 Bricks, Sand, and Marble: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Construction in the Mediterranean and Middle East, 1947-1991
  3. CMH Pub 45-3 Forging the Shield: The U.S. Army in Europe, 1951-1962

U.S. Army in the Post Cold War

  • CMH Pub 69-1 American Army Doctrine for the Post-Cold War
  • CMH Pub 70-49 International Cold War Military Records and History: Proceedings of the International Conference
  • CMH Pub 70-94-1 "Ruck It Up!" The Post-Cold War Transformation of V Corps, 1990-2001