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The National Army Security Agency Association (NASAA) dedicated to preserving the history, memories, and friendships derived from serving in
the ASA during the years of its existence 1945 - 1976.
7th RRFS, Udorn Thailand
Open to all ASA, AFSS,NSG, SSO AFSSO Veterans that served at the 7th RRFS Udorn, or any other ASA/SSO COMINT site in Thailand.
We put the word FUN in dysfunctional!! 
Management: Glenn Eckfeld and Chuck Wilcox.
Army Security Agency Vets
A Club for the Top 10% - One of the largest groups of ASA Vets on the net.
(Fred Caleffie)
A Yahoo email group. Are you an 05G? Served with a COMSEC or SIGSEC unit?
The COMSEC "Light" group
is an open membership list for political "discussions". 
Contact for more information. 
Go to a COMSEC web site at
ASA - New Hampshire
ASA New Hampshire - Home of ASA Veterans of New Hampshire. 
It is my hope for all ASA Vererans living in New Hampshire or having ties to our little corner of the world to stay in contact with each other. 
(Don Helton)
Detachment "L" - Nottau, Germany
Open to all ASAers who served at Det "L" of the 332nd and 328th C/R cos, later the 181st and 180th ASA companies.
The detachment was out of Bad Aibling and part of the 320th (later 318th) ASA Bn. It existed roughly from 1955 to 1964.
(Bob Moyer & Mike Reilly)
ASA - MI Group
ASA - MI Group - This group is for folks who served in the Army Security Agency or Military Intelligence units.
It is an open forum where anything and everything is discussed to include politics and religion.  If you are easily offended, then this list is not for you.
(Jimmy Nail)
ASA - Viet Nam Talk
For members of the Army Security Agency who served in Viet Nam.
(Marty Noland)
Kang Wha-do, Korea 
501st USASA Gp., 12th ASA Det., 226th and 277th USASA Operations Companies.
(Ron Taylor)
USASAFS - Rothwesten
Our email discussion group is a great place to share memories with other Rothwesten vets from all the years of ASA at Rothwesten, 1949 - 1972.