Rich Jaslovsky BIO
Seat 7 - Webmaster

BIO for Richard Jaslovsky (Deceased Aug 12, 2016)
New Jersey

I was hired by New Jersey Bell Telephone Company in October 1965.

I worked as a Lineman, Splicer and Residence Telephone Installer prior to enlisting in the U.S. Army for the ASA.  I was sworn in on July 23, 1965.

Upon my return to civilian life in July of 1971 I went back to work for NJ Bell as a Small Business Telephone Installer/Repairman and later as a Large Business, PBX Installer/Repairman.

On January 1, 1984 the Bell System was broken up by a court action and I was then transferred to the mother company, AT&T, to follow my line of work.  In 1985 I was schooled as a Computer Technician, installing and maintaining Computer Main Frames, Desktop Computers, and Printers until November 1989.

For the next 24 years I supported the trade show program for AT&T and the spinoff companies of Lucent Technologies and Avaya.  My responsibilities were to determine what equipment was necessary for each trade show, prepare the equipment, ship then setup the Data Networking, Computers, Telephone Systems and Applications for each trade show.  I also worked with developers from around the world to implement new products and technology.

My travels took me to Europe, Asia, Central and South America, Mexico, Canada and many cities across the United States.  I supported 402 trade shows being away from home for more than 6-3/4 of the 24 years.

I retired after working for the company for 44 years in July 2013.

I started my web site http://83rdrrsou in 1999 which included the predecessor unit the 5th RRU.  In 2001 I picked up the 7th RRFS web site as the original webmaster, William Bogart, was unable to keep his site on the web and to maintain it.  Bill sent me CD’s with all of the information he had and I added that to my site which now includes all Army Security Agency units that were in Thailand from 1954 to 1976

In January 2016 William Luker reached out to me to help support the NASAA web site as Chui was transitioning out of the job he did for many years.  I accepted and have been updating and hopefully improving the look and accessibility of the National Security Agency Association web site.

My U.S. Army and ASA Timeline was as follows.

·         23 Jul 1965 - to 13 Oct 1965 - Bravo Company 2nd Training Regiment, Fort Dix, NJ
· Basic Training


·         14 Oct 1965 to 01 Jun 1966 - Company H USASATR, Fort Devens, MA
· 05H (Morse Code Intercept) Training
· 07 Apr 1966 - Awarded MOS 05H20


·         02 Jun 1966 to 01 Sep 1966 - 5th RRU - Bangkok, Thailand
· Worked one week sitting side saddle to a seasoned 05H "Pro" then chosen to do 05D work.
· Worked in Operations for 2 months sending target information to the DF Sites and receiving hourly   results back from those sites as well as taking pictures of the transmitter signatures.

· 30 Jun 1966 – Promoted to SP4 E4

· 30 Aug 1966 - Awarded Secondary MOS 05D20


·         02 Sep 1966 to 26 Sep 1968 - 83rd RRSOU - Bangkok, Thailand
· Sent to work at Detachment A (DF) for 8 months until there were enough 05D trained Personal at the 83rd
· April 1967 - Returned to operations as a 05H
· 24 Jul 1967 - Reenlisted for 4 years

· 15 Mar 1968 - Promoted to SP5 E5


·         27 Sep 1968 to 31 Jul 1970 - 83rd RRSOU Detachments B (DF) / J (Intercept) - Ubon, Thailand

· On 27 September 1968 I was sent, along with 3 other 05H's, TDY to Detachment B (DF) of the 83rd RRSOU in Ubon.  We were there is see the feasibility of intercepting our targets in the Vietnam theater of operations. Our initial intercept site was located at Detachment B.  As you entered the driveway to Detachment B the intercept trailer was setup to the left just outside of the antenna array.  All went well with the test and the permanent site, Detachment J, was eventfully setup at Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base.

· On 2 May 1969 we were officially assigned to Detachment B of the 83rd RRSOU.  We moved the site to the Air Force base and set up at the opposite end of the runway from the main entrance and flight line. The trailers were set on a concrete pad.  We used diesel generators for power until the Air Force was able to provide us with power from the base.

· Around July / August 1969, Detachment J (Intercept) of the 83rd was formerly established joining Detachment B (DF).


·         01 Aug 1970 to 07 Jul 1971 - 7th RRFS Detachment C (DF) / J (Intercept) - Ubon, Thailand   

· On August 1, 1970 the remaining personnel attached to the 83rd RRSOU Detachment B/J were reassigned to the 7th RRFS Detachment C/J as the 83rd was being downsized and the 7th RRFS was designated as the new HQ.

· Total Time in Thailand; 5 Years, 1 Month, 5 Days

· 7 Jul 1971 – Discharged at the US Army Personnel Center, Oakland, California

Richard Jaslovsky