Charles H. Collins, Jr., Board Member, Seat #5 (Deceased)

Dear Members,

I've enjoyed the time I've spent on the board as the Vice-Chairman and Treasurer and will continue to serve and look forward to continuing to work with your other officers and directors to continue to invigorate NASAA through the organization and its web site and, working as a moderator on the NASAA's Yahoo! group. I will continue to serve to the best of my ability and in particular, I would like to work to reach out to others of our fellow ASA and INSCOM veterans to add to our membership rolls. 

I served from 1962 through 1964 in the 14th USASA Field Station in Hakata, Japan and still maintain friendships and fond memories from that service. Thank you for allowing me to serve this organization and you, the membership. I look forward to increasing the service to NASAA and the promotion of activities and services for the membership and service to all veterans of the ASA and INSCOM.

I am married with grown children and am active in politics and two local gun clubs (one as 1st VP and one as a Director and past president). I work in information technology and my resume is available on request should any of you wonder what I can contribute to NASAA’s members and mission.

Thank you all for your support and consideration.


Charles H. Collins, Jr.