I serve as the current assistant webmaster for the NASAA site. Prior to serving with the NASAA I created a COMSEC/SIGSEC website in 1997 www.chui101.com which was inspired by the work of other ASA webmasters; Mad Dog, Crazy Dog, Steve Stickley, Jim Graves and most notably, Bonnie Cooper. There are many others who have influenced my ASA web experience including Vern Greunke and Rocky Chilson.

ASA All the Way! is more than a motto to ASA Vets, it is the essence of the ASA experience. Even though my time in service was not as lengthy as many others, I still feel the bond which all ASA Vets experience and which gives new meaning to Shakespeare's quote "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers".  I adopted the first part of this famous quote as a reference to ASA Veterans since we are members of a specialized community within the Army connected by our similar duties and service at the same duty stations.  "We Few we Happy Few...."

Bio:  I enlisted in June of 65 and took basic at Ft. Ord, CA.  I was a member of class Cl#2-98D20-66, Traffic Analyst, (link goes to a page which includes some photos) which started 11 Oct 65, at Ft. Devens. Three members of my class and myself, volunteered for Vietnam after graduation (Len Manelski, Jim Kubala, and Brad Williams).  Most of the rest of the class requested Europe but were assigned to units which were later sent to Vietnam.

Our 1st tour began in Feb 66 with the 7th RRU at Davis Station. For the first 2 months we were assigned to HHC but after the mortar attack at TSN in April 66, we began a series of TDY assignments to various MACV compounds in II and III Corps on 4 or 5 man monitor teams. By late 1966 I was assigned to the 2nd, Platoon, Engineer Hill, Pleiku. The 7th RRU had become the 101st RRC and my MOS was changed to 05G30, COMSEC Analyst. After chopping down the elephant grass, putting up the tents, building the shower, and going TDY each month in II Corps, my 1st tour was over and I was sent home to the land of the Big PX.  After 30 days leave, I served about 45 days with the 301st Battalion at Ft. Bragg but didn't want to go to Airborne school so I requested a 1049 transfer back to VN. My second tour began back at Davis Station but I was soon assigned to the 1st Platoon, at Danang. I went TDY to MACV detachments and other locations within I Corps. My 2nd tour ended and after 30 days leave Stateside, I returned to Vietnam for 7 months and an "early out" in January 1969. During my 31 months in-country, I was present for the festivities at Tet '68, an NVA artillery bombardment at Dong Ha and other lively events. Total time in the Army: 3 years, seven months and 18 days.

After the Army, I held different jobs and attended college off and on in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1977 I moved to Hawaii where I met my wife and also completed my education with a BA in Art History. In 1983 we returned to California where we raised our son and where we currently reside. In 1988 I started working at the County Office of Ed. as a shipping clerk and ended up as a database/"web guy" in the health education library until retirement in 2010.  I am a lifetime member of the VFW and I maintain the NASAA and chui101 websites and also engage in artistic endeavors in the local arts community.