Seat Two

I was born on a small dirt farm in a little place called, Seneca, Illinois, just before WWII. I moved to Michigan in 1954, and graduated from high school there; then, at the ripe old age of 18, I enlisted into the Army Security Agency because the recruiter hadn't filled his quota for the month. After attending Basic at For Lost in the Woods and then 058 training at Ft. Devens, I flew by boat (USNS Barrett) to the Phillipines where I served with absolutely no distinction from November 1960 until November 1962 at the 9th USASAFS.

Seven years after my separation from ASA, I decided to become educated and attended Western Michigan University; as it was during the height of the war protests, I engaged in many interesting discussions with college instructors (not all of which were amicable). I managed to graduate in 1972, and then went on to law school at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, graduating in December of 1975. I came to Montana camping, fell in love with the state and took and passed the bar exam here. I am currently employed by the State of Montana in a "Protect the Public" capacity - located in Helena, Montana, but live in Clancy, Montana. I have a wife of 35-plus years, 3 grown daughters and five grandchildren.