Bill "Jake" Jacobson

Seat One

"I was born and raised in northeastern Montana. My current home, for the past forty-three years, is in Northern Virginia where I live with my wife of forty-six years.  Robyn is a retired surgical nurse.  I am a retired public public school teacher.  I beat the draft, back in 1967, by enlisting in the Army Security Agency. My six year hitch with ASA included the following assignments:"

"I've never had friends as good as the friends I had in Vietnam."

I have been involved with the National Army Security Agency Association since it's inception. Early in 2001 I accepted an appointment to the NASAA Board of Directors to complete the term of a board member who resigned. In November 2001 and of 2003 I was re-elected to the board. I am very pleased that I was allowed to contribute to the revitalization of the National Army Security Agency Association, these past many months, and am committed to continuing that effort.