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Reunion information is available on the NASAA Reunion Notices and Forum Page
7th RRFS, Udorn Open to all ASA, AFSS,NSG, SSO AFSSO Veterans that served at the 7th RRFS Udorn, or any other ASA/SSO COMINT site in Thailand. We put the word FUN in dysfunctional!!  Management: Glenn Eckfeld and Chuck Wilcox.

102nd ASA Detchment

Service Location: Heidelberg, Germany.  Webmaster: Carl Iverson.

335th RRC - 9th IND
Republic of Viet Nam from 1966 to 1971, dedicated to those who served it with distinction. Webmaster: Lawrence Rinaldo
330th ASA Co.(AVN) Germany Grunstadt, Kaiserslautern, Ramstein, Sembach, and Stuttgart.  This site is a place where the men and women who served with the 330th can share pictures, histories, and stories.  Contact Jeff Dawson, to add your stories and photos.
Mike Andrews & Bill Conkel
USASA Group Korea - Co B - Camp Casey, Camp Alamo and their detachments.
Army Security Agency Vets
A Club for the Top 10% - One of the largest groups of ASA Vets on the net. (Fred Caleffie)
ASA Augsburg 2nd Ops.
This site is dedicated to preserving and sharing the images and stories of those who served with the Army Security Agency 2nd Operations Battalion in Augsburg, Germany. 2nd Ops email group.
ASA Alpiners Association
Open to all ASA (or SIS) Vets who were stationed in Germany and/or Austria. INSCOM or NSA, who served in Germany or Austria, are also welcome.
The Arizona ASA Association originated from annual "picnics" that were held in the Ft. Huachuca area for a number of years. In 1998 the first "statewide" reunion was held. In 2001 the name Arizona Army Security Agency Association (AZASAA) was adopted.

ASA Comm Unit EUR

This site contains hundreds of photos from the Frankfurt Comm Unit including the visit by JFK before his epic speech at Berlin.  Over 140 members of been located.  Contact Fred Gerstner, for more information.

05Golf & USMC
Steve Stickley
The original SIGSEC website Dedicated To the 05G's That Died In Vietnam
A Yahoo email group. Are you an 05G? Served with a COMSEC or SIGSEC unit? The COMSEC "Light" group is an open membership list for political "discussions".  Contact for more information.  Go to a COMSEC web site at
Doug Daugherty
ASA-New Hampshire - home of ASA Veterans of New Hampshire. It is my hope for all ASA Veterans living in New Hampshire or having ties to our little corner of the world to stay in contact with each other.
Don Helton
ASA Kentucky Vets. This page is dedicated to my brother and sister ASAers and AFFS spooks (I was at CRS-V, PCRS-1, and AHS2). This will get you started. ASA Lives!
Bill Kay
USASA Field Station Augsburg (Home of the Professionals) This web site is dedicated to the many professionals who served at the United States Army Security Agency Field Station, Augsburg, its successor Field Station Augsburg and the 701st Military Intelligence Brigade.
Bob Moyer & Mike Reilly
Detachment "L" (Nottau, Germany). Open to all ASAers who served at Det "L" of the 332nd and 328th C/R cos, later the 181st and 180th ASA companies. The detachment was out of Bad Aibling and part of the 320th (later 318th) ASA Bn. It existed roughly from 1955 to 1964.
Jimmy Nail
ASA - MI Group - This group is for folks who served in the Army Security Agency or Military Intelligence units. It is an open forum where anything and everything is discussed to include politics and religion.  If you are easily offended, then this list is not for you.
NASAA email group The National Army Security Agency Association (NASAA) dedicated to preserving the history, memories, and friendships derived from serving in ASA during the years of its existence 1945 - 1976.
Marty Noland
ASA-VN-TALK - For members of the Army Security Agency who served in Viet Nam
Harlan Olsen & Dave Parks
Southeast Asia ASA Veterans Association - Old Spooks and Spies. If you are an ASA veteran of the war in Southeast Asia, please consider joining us. (ASA veterans who served elsewhere are invited to become associate members.)
Stan Perdue
05/98 Duffys - "In God We Trust, All Others We Monitor, But We're Still Looking For God's Frequency"
Ron Taylor
Kang Wha-do , Korea - 501st USASA Gp., 12th ASA Det., 226th and 277th USASA Operations Companies.
USASAFS Rothwesten
Our email discussion group is a great place to share memories with other Rothwesten vets from all the years of ASA at Rothwesten, 1949 - 1972.
ASA and INSCOM unit web sites
  • Ray Komoski
    318th ASA Bn. Herzo Base
  • Jim Lairson
    Phu Bai, Bad Abling, Herzo Base
  • Chuck Lake
    Germany, Korea, Japan, Turkey
  • James W. "Jim" Lynn
    ASA Europe, ASA Pacific
  • Keith Mills
    FS 8611 Baumholder
  • Dave Mittan
    9th USASAFS, 8th RRU, 5th RRU / 83rd RRSOU
  • Larry Ridgway
    KangWha-Do, Korea, Misawa, Japan, 8th RRU
  • Dean Slagle
    502nd ASA Group, Cold War Warriors
  • Bill Simons
    TUSLOG Det. 4, Sinop, Turkey
  • Wade Temple
    332nd Communications Recon. Co., 116th Signal Service Co.
  • Harlan Yates
    Camp Stafford and the 8610 camp, Fushimi and Momoyama, Japan
  • Richard Jaslovsky
    United States Army Security Agency in Thailand
    5th RRU, 83rd RRSOU & 7th RRFS
    September 1959 to June 20, 1976

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