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SOC/Group Vietnam
3rd RRU - 53rd ASA Spec Opns Cmd
509th RR Group - USASA Group Saigon
Battalion Size Units
13th RRU - 313th RR Bn
17th RRU - 303 RR Bn
18th RRU - RR Comms Unit - Vietnam
Field Stations
8th RRU - 8th RRFS - USASAFS Phu Bai
330th RRFS - USASAFS Pleiku
175th RRFS - USASAFS Bien Hoa
224 Avn Bn (RR)
224th Avn Bn - 224th RR Bn
1st RRC (Avn)
138th Avn Co (RR)
144th Avn Co (RR)
156th Avn Co (RR)
Company Size Units
101st RRC - 7th RRU - 101st Sec Co-Saigon
175th RRFS - USASAFS Bien Hoa - USASA Opns Co
265th RRC
328th RRC
330th RRC - 12th RRU
335th RRC
337th RRC - 11th RRU
371st RRC - 10th RRU
372nd RRC - 16th RRU
374th RRC
Prov RRC - Americal RRC (Prov)
Det 1, 3rd RRU 404th RR Det
Det 2, 3rd RRU 405th RR Det
Det 3, 3rd RRU 406th RR Det
Det 4, 3rd RRU 407th RR Det
Det 6, 3rd RRU- Pleiku
408th RR Det
409th ASA Det
415th RR Det
601st RR Det
856th RR Det
Det A, 358th RRC
403rd RR SOD(A)
Brigade RR Det (PROV)