Baumholder History

Baumholder and its sister communities are rich with history. Baumholder itself has medieval origins, with the first recorded mention of the town found in a document dating back to 1156. World War II brought the military to Baumholder. The Third Reich needed a training area and Baumholder was picked. The German government appropriated 29,158 acres and resettled about 842 families from 14 villages to clear the land for use by the Third Reich. Thus was born Baumholder's Major Training area, used today for military training by Americans and a host of NATO countries. The French occupied the area in 1945, and in 1951 the Americans moved in. With the help of thousands of German workers, dwellings for American families were quickly constructed.

Baumholder is quite centrally located, with France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Austria, Switzerland and the Bavarian Alps all within a few hours' drive. Also Baumholder is located in the midst of several of Germany's grape-growing regions around the Rhein, Mosel, Nahe and Saar rivers. In fact, the Deutsche Weinstrasse, or German Wine Road, begins in Bad Duerkheim, only about an hour from Baumholder, and winds to the French border. Each region offers countless opportunities for wine tasting, and river cruises along many routes.

Baumholder is a small German community. The area is hilly and has some beautiful scenic areas. Baumholder, the town, hosts weekly markets that sell fresh produce and baked goods at very reasonable rates. Baumholder is located within easy driving distance of both Ramstein Air Base, Landstuhl and Vogelweh Army/Air Force bases.