Updated January 2001

Welcome to my web page on the NASAA site. I spent 9 years on active duty from 1973 to 1982 and followed that up with 4 years in the active reserve. It was a good time, although perhaps I did not think so at the time. When I left active duty in 1982, I only intended to take a short break. I joined the Army after taking early graduation from high school -- literally, I was in class one day, in the Army the next. So I was going to take a year off and see what the fuss was about out in the civilian world. My buddies at Fort Bragg told me I wouldn't last 6 months in the civilian world. That was 18 years ago, and I guess I was right. However, I still feel a strong bond with the people that I served with in the Army and in the ASA, and that bond is still stronger than any bond I've forged with anyone else in all the ensuing years..

I'm still not done posting Fort Bragg pictures and stories from my 400th SOD days, but I did get started and there is something out there now. One of these days, I'll get it finished, but there are so many stories to tell and so little time to tell them. They also come back to me more easily over a couple of beers, but by that time I can't figure out the computer.

Email me at mbarth@bulloch.net

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Fort Devens pictures

Field Station Korea

24th Division ATSE, Fort Stewart, GA

265th ASA Company, Fort Campbell, KY


400th ASA SOD, Fort Bragg, NC

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My Army Career

Transition to Civilian Life

Married With Children

My Family

Married to Cindy Redman 8/29/87

My Kids

Stuart Michael Barth, born 10/6/90        

          Caitlin Elizabeth Barth, born 3/17/95 

Erin Ellise Barth, born 10/13/93 

My Civilian Career

Vita Sheet (sort of like a resume, but more B.S. and a list of published academic articles that nobody has every read).

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