New items - NASAA Vintage Cap #14 and #15 NASAA Pin.



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Please ship me the following NASAA "Collectibles" (All prices include shipping)

Items - Please note that some prices have changed effective 11/18/2013 Quantity Prices (new in red)  Totals 
1.  NASAA patch featuring the ASA insignia (3") $5.00
2.  NASAA patch featuring the ASA "Vigiles Salutis" School Crest (3") $5.00
3.  NASAA Keychain (coin holder $5) with NASAA challenge coin ($14) (New item) $5.00 or $14.00 w/coin
4.  Window sticker featuring the INSCOM patch 3 1/2" x 5" Out of Stock $4.00
5.  Window sticker featuring the Mt. Fuji patch 3 1/2" x 4" $4.00
6.  Window sticker featuring the USAEUR patch 3 1/2" x 5" Out of Stock $4.00
7.  NASAA Keychain with lanyard ($7) with NASAA challenge coin ($15) Please specify color: Blue, yellow, black or teal.  Lanyards are individually made and may differ slightly. (New item) $7.00 or $15.00 w/coin
8.  NASAA bumper sticker featuring the INSCOM and ASA patches $5.00
9.  I was an Oxymoron - bumper sticker $5.00
10.  NASAA "shoulder patch style" round window sticker $5.00
11.  ASA "shoulder patch style" window sticker $5.00
12.  Low profile style LFCF hat - Black with ASA patch, Web address on the back. Note:  The low profile hat is also available in an X-Large size, please specify when ordering. $16.00 Each or 2 for $25.00
13.  NASAA Challenge Coin $10.00
14.  NASAA Vintage Cap - Color in the patch is not ASA "teal." It's a "trucker-style" cap with adjustable band in the back.  Made in the USA! $10.00
15.  NASAA Pin (approx. 1" diameter) $5.50
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